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Business Lending Services

At County Commerce Bank, we pride ourselves on being able to provide all of the lending capacity you need, delivered with the personal service you expect from a local community bank dedicated to customer satisfaction.

Our business loan products are the flagship of our organization. From lines of credit to term loans to credit cards, we offer customized solutions that are fitted to the unique needs of your organization. Our experienced local lenders are available to meet with you at your location, when it’s convenient for you. We work with you as a member of your advisory team to develop a relationship based on individual attention so we can customize financing that is tailor made just for your business.

Our lending decisions are made locally by experienced bankers familiar with your business and the local economy so decisions are made quickly and efficiently. Your relationship manager acts as your dedicated advocate to eliminate any hassles, ensure that your needs are heard and that you receive a timely response.

Whether your needs are short-term, long-term or seasonal, we offer a variety of loan services that can support your immediate cash flow needs, expand your business, expedite the acquisition of inventory, simplify the acquisition of new equipment and machinery, make it possible to purchase your own building, easily track travel expenses, and more.

Customized financing solutions are developed from our extensive product line.

Overdraft Protection Line of Credit

Our secured or unsecured line of credit provides peace of mind as overdraft protection for your checking account up to your approved credit limit to eliminate the hassle, embarrassment and cost of returned checks for insufficient funds. You also can use it as a line of credit any time you need it, just by writing a check, to take advantage of purchases that may exceed the balance in your checking account.

  • If a check comes in for more than your account balance, the line automatically advances in increments of $100
  • Minimum monthly payment of $25 or 5% of the current balance, whichever is greater, is automatically deducted from your checking account
  • No annual fee
  • No transfer fee
  • Credit limits up to $25,000
  • Advances appear on your monthly checking account statement for easy tracking

Lines of Credit

A convenient, easy to access revolving line of credit facility is an important tool for any business that might need to support fluctuating, short-term credit needs such as working capital or an occasional seasonal cash crunch. With a credit line, you can borrow funds as you need them up to your approved credit limit. As you repay principal, funds become available to be used again and again without having to reapply each time.

  • Variable rate
  • Loan period up to 12 months, depending on the nature of the business
  • Renewals are available with submission of annual Financial Information
  • Interest is paid monthly on any outstanding balance
  • Annual fee is easy to budget

Term Loan / Working Capital Loan

Use a term loan for specific reasons and purchases such as refinancing existing debt, expanding operations, leasehold improvements, or other long-term capital requirements. Terms are competitive and flexible based on the type of financing you need.

  • Secured or unsecured
  • Flexible, predictable, amortized repayment terms
  • Maximum 5 year term
  • Fixed or variable rates
  • No balloon payments

Receivables Financing

By financing your accounts receivable, you can shorten the period between the time you sell your goods and services and the time you receive payment. With this revolving line of credit, you can borrow an approved percentage of the current value of your receivables up to your approved credit limit. You can increase your working capital while collecting your receivables.

As you repay principal, funds become available to be used again and again without having to reapply each time.

  • The loan is reviewed annually.
  • Renewals are available with submission of annual Financial Information.
  • Interest is paid monthly on any outstanding balance.
  • Flexible principal repayment schedule
  • Annual fee is easy to budget.

Machinery / Equipment Loans

We offer term loans to businesses for the purchase of fixed assets including new or used equipment. This fixed term loan offers the budgeting convenience of a regular repayment schedule.

  • Collateral valuation required from an invoice (new) or an outside independent appraisal (used).
  • Loan will be amortized over the useful life of the equipment (maximum of 7 years).
  • UCC lien filings and insurance is required with a Loss Payable Clause naming County Commerce Bank.

Loans Secured by Stocks and/or Bonds

You can pledge commercially traded American stocks and/or bonds as collateral for this fixed term loan without having to liquidate assets that may appreciate in value.

  • Fixed term
  • Competitive fixed or variable rates, generally less than unsecured loan rates
  • Fixed payments
  • Bank retains the collateral until loan is repaid

Letters of Credit

A letter of credit is issued by the Bank and it allows you to obtain better credit terms from a seller and facilitates transactions around the globe. This flexible financing instrument provides a business with the assurance of its performance on a specific contract. With a letter of credit, you can take advantage of expanded purchasing power domestically or internationally.

  • Domestic (Standby) Letters of Credit will be issued by County Commerce Bank.
  • International Letters of Credit will be issued by our correspondent bank on our behalf.
  • A note backs up the Letter of Credit.
  • Competitive fees
  • Can be automatically renewable

Business Credit Cards

Our Visa® business credit card programs offer easy, secure, convenient access to your revolving line of credit for business purchases at merchants worldwide, wherever Visa® is accepted. You have access to a comprehensive package of features and you can earn valuable rewards and control and track expenses.

  • Competitive pricing
  • Variable rate programs available
  • Rewards program options available
  • Monthly statement provides a record of transactions for easy recordkeeping

Commercial Real Estate Loans

These facilities will be granted to business customers on an individual loan request basis for a new building purchase, facilities expansion or for refinancing existing property. This long-term financing is available for owner-occupied or investment property.

  • Current qualified outside appraisal required
  • Flexible terms
  • Up to 10 year loan term; amortization to 25 years for lower monthly payments
  • Competitive fixed and variable interest rates available

Construction Loans

We offer this non-revolving line of credit for construction of commercial, industrial and multi-unit buildings in our defined market area where the builder and/or developer are well known to the Bank and have a good customer relationship. Construction loans are structured to fit your particular plans. The loan is secured by a first or second Trust Deed on the property. Funds are advanced only as needed as construction progresses, thus saving on the interest expense.

  • Finance up to 80% of the estimated costs – exclusive of developer fees or 70% of appraised value as completed.
  • Interest only loan
  • Terms up to 18 months
  • Can be converted to a term loan upon completion of construction
  • Fund disbursements through a voucher system
  • Inspection reports and lien releases are required.

Land Loans

This is a great facility for land that is zoned properly and will be built through a professional contractor or held for investment purposes.

Loan Features:

  • Will lend up to 50% of the appraised value or purchase price, whichever is less, as determined by a qualified appraiser
  • First mortgage lien on the property will be required.

Small Business Administration (SBA) & Other Government Guaranteed Loan Programs

We offer a variety of government guaranteed loan programs to assist you in qualifying. We will work with you to determine which program might be best for your business.

SBA loans can be used to purchase a business, finance a new business and refinance an existing business loan. County Commerce Bank has Preferred Lender (PLP) status with the SBA and participates in many facets of SBA and other government guaranteed programs. SBA loans are partially guaranteed by the US Small Business Administration. PLP status allows us to make loan decisions on behalf of the SBA which speeds up processing, approval and funding. We offer SBA 7(a) and 504 financing.

SBA 7(a) Loan: This program is available for the business owner that needs long term financing for purchasing equipment, furniture, fixtures, working capital or purchasing a business. It also can be used for buying commercial property, construction or renovation.

SBA 504 Loan: This loan program is used to purchase commercial real estate or a large piece of equipment.

SBA real estate loans require a smaller down payment than conventional financing. SBA equipment and working capital loans are paid back over a longer period than conventional loans, enhancing your business cash flow.

  • Loans available for real estate purchase, refinance and construction of commercial real estate with a maximum loan to value of 90%
  • High loan to value ratio lets you use available funds for other purposes.
  • Real estate loans are fully amortized over 25 years with no balloon payment.
  • Equipment loans are amortized over 10 years with no balloon payment.
  • Working capital loans are amortized over 7 years with no balloon payment.
  • Longer repayment periods allow you to take advantage of lower payments.

For more detail on all of the SBA loans available and all of the other services offered by the Small Business Administration, please visit their web site at